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Deepawali Celebration - 2012
Deepawali Celebrations - 2011
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South Indians in Derby now have a permanent place for social gathering
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United Kingdom
(A not for profit cultural organisation)

Bringing South Indians together.

SIA is a not-for-profit, secular, linguistic and cultural organisation to integrate, coordinate, network and unite activities of all South Indians and the associations of the South Indian community for promotion and preservation of South Indian languages and culture in United Kingdom.

Our objective is to protect, maintain, preserve and promote the rich culture, heritage, language, interest and history of South Indians residing in United Kingdom by organising cultural shows and events. It is a place where people who share similar traditional values can unite and work together to learn about the immense diversity in this community.

We intend to enlist all the associations of Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil in United Kingdom to become members of SIA as partners to meet SIA objectives. One representative from every partner/charter associations will be nominated to our steering/executive committee.

We sincerely request and urge you to show your support by becoming members and contribute in any way you can, in this endeavour. Membership forms can be accessed by clicking on following link.

SIA Membership Forms


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